Discover Optimal Health

You only get one body and you have to live with it forever.

We invite and encourage those of you who want to be proactive and prevent illness to spend a year or two with us exploring how you can maximize your health potential and decrease the risk of conditions that run in your family.

At Resilient Health, we can identify targets for preventing illness and promoting healthy aging. For example, anti-aging genes, SIRT 1 and 2, help promote preservation of the brain and a healthy metabolism and their genetic expression can be increased with various supplements. Targeted genetic testing can tell us what diet type is ideal for you; what supplements you may benefit from for preserving cognition and preventing depression; what medications you are likely to respond or not respond to; and to evaluate your familial cancer risk.

With regards to overall wellness, no one nutrition plan is “the right one” for everyone. We can help you decide what is best for you. Supplements in grocery and health food stores abound. Having guidance in determining which supplements, if any, you need based on your nutrition and health history can make all the difference in your health outcomes.

The ultimate self care is better health care.

Whether you want to take a pro-active and preventive approach to your health, or you need more dedicated care for your ongoing or chronic issues, a Resilient Health Membership can provide you with the individualized and integrative care you need.