Heart Disease & Diabetes Care

Cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease make up the bulk of “chronic disease” found in Americans. All four of these respond wonderfully to integrative medicine.

These chronic problems can be modified and even reversed many times with a combination of specific nutritional recommendations, lifestyle modifications and the use of targeted supplements. Supplements such as CoQ10, gymnena sylvestre, berberine, vitamin C, Lysine and many others all have specific evidence for improving outcomes in these chronic diseases. In deciding which supplements would benefit you and what your cardiac risk is various genetic and other tests will be utilized. One example is Lp(a). Having an elevated Lp(a) which is mostly controlled by genetics increases your risk of heart disease by 1.5-3 fold (more significant in people who also have high cholesterol). Another is the MTHFR A1298C gene, which can increase the risk of strokes in affected individuals but can be “overcome” using methylfolate.

The list of options to improve your cardiac health and overall health goes on and on. Spending a year or two at Resilient Health can really help you learn how to reverse or improve the outcomes of your chronic illness and have better health for the rest of your life.

The ultimate self care is better health care.

Whether you want to take a pro-active and preventive approach to your health, or you need more dedicated care for your ongoing or chronic issues, a Resilient Health Membership can provide you with the individualized and integrative care you need.