Relaxed appointments

Extended appointments allow you to discuss in depth your health concerns with plenty of time.

of care

We advocate on your behalf with specialists and other care providers to provide better coordination and continuity of care.

with your doctor

Develop a partnership with a doctor who gets to know you and work toward your personal health and lifestyle goals together.

Full Spectrum
Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine Care

A doctor and staff with a depth and breadth of knowledge to offer you comprehensive care.


Welcome to Resilient Health

Our enhanced wellness model offers our members customized care plans based on the specific needs of each patient. We are committed to the utmost in academic excellence combined with individualized research and attention for each of our patients. We understand the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focusing on the whole person. We have an evidence-based approach, encompassing both conventional and integrative medicine. Let us help you reclaim and optimize your health and well being.

Our Approach to Wellness

There was a time when your doctor was more than just a service provider. Your doctor was someone with whom you had a relationship and you could trust to deliver excellent care with compassion. Time, accessibility, coordination of care and critical advice on how to live a healthy, vibrant life were all part of what you could count on. The world isn’t quite as simple as it used to be. Systems, put in place by lawmakers and insurance companies, have left both doctors and patients dissatisfied. It can be frustrating that with today’s technological advances, there is so much available information we can use to better our health but we don’t always have access to it, understand it or know how to use it. We want to teach you and guide you to better health. At Resilient Health we want to return to that kind of medicine where our doctors have time to develop a relaxed, more personalized relationship with our patients. We will provide you with the very best of both full spectrum medicine and integrative medicine…. So you can be resilient.

Just a Few Things We Treat….

We are a full spectrum family medical practice and integrative medical practice that offers a wide array of care. Here is a sampling:

You only get one body and you have to live with it forever. We will help you take care of it optimally.

Helping to decrease the risk of Alzheimer's and helping to reverse mild to moderate cognitive impairment is one of Dr. Hausman-Cohen's passions.

Cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease makes up the bulk of "chronic disease" found in Americans. All four of these are wonderful targets for integrative medicine.


One small crack doesn’t mean you’re broken. It means that you were put to the test and didn’t fall apart. --Anonymous