Our Unique Approach

Concierge practices traditionally charge a yearly fee that enables you to have more time and to have access to your doctor in a beautiful setting. They also tend to include a more in-depth yearly physical exam. However, in most concierge practices there is still a formula to their care with their “executive annual physical” being defined before you walk in the door.

Resilient Health is unique in that while we also offer more time and a beautiful healing environment, our founders are dedicated to unlocking the secrets of health for each individual and helping her/him achieve true health and a high quality of life. We separate ourselves from other practices by offering an individualized and integrative approach. We realize that for most individuals, medications if used at all, are only a small part of the solution. By sharing more knowledge, we empower our patients in their pursuits of better health and well-being.

In addition, many concierge practices spend a lot of time and effort to keep their existing patients. We understand that participating in our Resilient Health programs is a financial commitment. While we love to take care of people over the years and decades, we also consider it a compliment when one of our patients feels able to return to Balcones Woods Family Medicine or her original primary care doctor because she believes she has achieved her health goals and knows how to sustain them.

Finally, while most concierge practices enroll 400-600 patients, our target practice is 200 patients so that we can allow more time in the course of a year for each of you.

Whether you want to take a pro-active and preventive approach to your health or you need more dedicated care for your ongoing issues, a Resilient Health Membership can provide you with the individualized and integrative care you need.