A Unique Private Medical Practice

Our practice uses an integrative approach in which we incorporate the full spectrum of traditional western medicine with the latest integrative science. In our 60-90 minute appointments, we utilize our understanding of the roles of mitochondria, nutrition, lifestyle changes, supplements (based on evidence and research), genetics, and other healing modalities to provide optimal care and wellness.

Particular to our approach is our appreciation of the fact that no two people are alike. Therefore, we partner with you by customizing our research and recommendations for each patient. Additionally, we welcome and look forward to discussing your research and concerns with you.

Optimal health is a goal that many of us share. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you at Resilient Health.
-- Sharon and Carol, Co-Founders

Here to help you

We’re working to help you achieve a higher level of health and resilience. By combining passion, experience and integrative knowledge with the full spectrum of traditional medicine we are providing innovative solutions in health care.


Health is an opportunity

With all that is now known or available in the world of medicine, genetics, supplements, exercise physiology and nutrition it’s possible to achieve a higher level of health and resilience than ever before.

Integration is Imperative

The human body is incredibly complex and wonderful! We know that all the systems of the body interconnect: Nerves, signaling hormones and other pathways connect each of our organs to the immune system, brain and more. An integrative approach allows us to work with the complex nature of the human body.

Knowledge is Power

We are Continuing Ed junkies and we love it! We both have multiple certifications and are constantly adding to our bodies of knowledge. As integrative practitioners, we are dedicated to personalized research and treatment. In addition to the hundreds of hours we spend at formal conferences, we set aside multiple hours per week for individualized patient research. As our patient, we are always happy to share the supporting research behind our medical recommendations.

Results Demand Action

Leaving the office with a detailed plan of action will help you fully incorporate our recommendations. You can be assured that we will provide you with a plan that you can access at anytime on the portal or we will provide you with a written copy if preferred. Our recommendations will be specific and you will know how to manage your care but we will be happy to answer questions if you need assistance.

Together we are strong

Dr. Hausman-Cohen combines her solid Harvard Medical School training with her extensive Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine training. She is known for her excellent diagnostic skills and strong foundational knowledge in medicine, but is also board certified in Integrative Medicine. Carol Bilich  has certifications and training in a wide variety of hands on integrative modalities, a tremendous amount of research experience, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of supplements. Together they have found that they can help individuals that neither of them could fully help alone. Moreover, they work closely with an extensive network of excellent physicians and healers specializing in other modalities and they maintain close collaborative partnerships with some of Austin’s best integrative and traditional specialists. Together and with a team approach, the old adage, “the sum is greater than its parts” is never more true!