Melissa … Her family history will not determine her health destiny.

Frustrated with the many specialists who were unable to help her persistently elevated muscle enzymes (muscle breakdown), high cholesterol, fatigue, insomnia, mood issues, low libido and her inability to exercise, Melissa sought the help of Dr. Hausman-Cohen in 2012. Melissa felt that the specialists she had worked with had focused only on the lab values and trying to put a label on her condition.

Dr. Hausman-Cohen reviewed all of her labs, biopsies, neurological testing and medications and did further testing which showed Melissa had a gene that made her have a higher risk for heart disease and Alzheimer’s if left unaddressed. Dr. Hausman-Cohen’s focus then shifted to protecting Melissa’s heart and brain and to helping her feel well. Together, they focused on addressing her overall health goals of improving fatigue, cognition, muscle fatigue and pain. The first measure was to reduce her cardiac and cognitive risks since both her father and brother had heart attacks in their 40s and 50s and her mother died relatively young of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases. Melissa was now in her 50s and had high cholesterol and had noticed some memory problems.

Dr. Hausman-Cohen worked with Melissa using dietary changes specific to her genetic type, supplements, bio-identical hormones including optimizing thyroid, vitamin D, estrogen and testosterone as well as a prescription medication that was not a statin. Every step of the way, Dr. Hausman-Cohen showed Melissa studies supporting her decisions. For example, before utilizing testosterone, Dr. Hausman-Cohen showed Melissa studies supporting the benefits of testosterone from a cardiac, muscle and cognitive standpoint which was very important to Melissa.

With these interventions, her LDL dropped over 40 points but more importantly, she felt clear and bright.

Many of the changes made for her heart and brain also helped her muscles, however, Melissa still had room for improvement. Their goal was to help Melissa to exercise without fatigue or huge increases in muscle breakdown. For this, Dr. Hausman-Cohen researched options and started Melissa on supplements targeting inflammation and mitochondria that had been associated with prevention of muscle breakdown.

Melissa’s health and sense of wellness is dramatically improved but we are still working together to optimize her health.  We are tweaking supplements based on recent studies to give her more ability to repair muscles so she can exercise to her full potential without having problems with her muscle enzymes. Recently, we added L-glutamine which is an amino acid that athletes use prior to exercise to help prevent muscle breakdown. We look forward to continuing our work with Melissa so that her family history is not her health destiny.

At her last visit, Melissa reported that she was doing great. "Sleeping without sleep aids is life altering. I feel better, I feel brighter. My mood is better. I was depressed before and it is gone, but what’s interesting is that the shift was so gradual I had not realized I was depressed [until I felt so much better]. It has also stabilized my weight and I think I have even lost a few pounds.  Sexually everything is better as well. "